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Family-owned and independent, NORQAIN is a watch brand that dares to go its own way. Based in the heart of Swiss watchmaking, in Nidau (just outside of Biel/Bienne), they are driven by the excitement that comes with exploring the road less travelled. Their three collections ­– Adventure, Freedom and Independence – are exclusively equipped with mechanical movements and original striking design elements. Every NORQAIN watch is Swiss made with absolute attention to detail and ready for whatever adventures await. NORQAIN was founded by Ben Küffer in 2018 and he brought on his father, Marc Küffer, as Chairman of the Board. Marc has over 45 years of experience mainly as owner and CEO manufacturing Swiss luxury watches and spent 25 years on the Board of Directors for the Swiss Watch Industry Association. Ted Schneider, a member of the family that owned Breitling for nearly 40 years, and Mark Streit, the Swiss ice hockey legend and Stanley Cup winner, are also part of the management and board. The fact that NORQAIN is independent means that their unique values will continue to distinguish their brand, and their customers will always be their inspiration. NORQAIN believes in creating timepieces that inspire its fans to live in the moment. They use their expertise stemming from deep roots in watchmaking to make sure every 60 seconds are absolutely precise. Swiss watchmaking is synonymous with tradition and craftsmanship, and that’s exactly what they offer. They are one of a few Swiss watch brands that produce only mechanical watches. Each of their movements is assembled by hand and their expert NORQAIN watchmakers check each movement before it is shipped to a customer or retailer to ensure it meets their strict quality standards. Adding to the aesthetics of their original in-house design is the personalised NORQAIN oscillating weight, customisable “NORQAIN plate”, and matching dial and date disc. The models in the Adventure collection feature a special NORQAIN pattern on their dials while Freedom timepieces are distinguished by vintage dials with hand-applied indexes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only people who have been living in Switzerland for more than one year, who are Swiss or have a B or C permit, and aged between 25 and 64 years are eligible for 0% loan.

You will only be asked for your identity document (B or C permit or Swiss identity document).

Your order can be cancelled or exchanged within 14 days from its delivery date.

from the date of receipt of your order. Only watches that have not been worn, in perfect condition and in their original packaging can be returned or exchanged.

All new watches are delivered with their original box and certificate as well as the official international warranty. Pre-owned watches are checked by a professional and, in case the original warranty has expired, Watchdreamer offers you a 12-month Warranty.

Your request is processed instantaneously from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm, and outside these hours within 12 hours.

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