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  • Nicolas_Hildenbrand.jpg
    Nicolas Hildenbrand Founder & CEO LinkedIn
  • Ronan.jpg
    Ronan Pensivy COO LinkedIn
  • Alexander Friedman
    Alexander Friedman Executive Board Member LinkedIn
  • Mike.jpg
    Michael Niven Managing Director UK LinkedIn
  • Valentin.jpg
    Valentin Binggeli Marketing & Design Manager LinkedIn
  • Julia.jpg
    Julia Hermann Sales Manager LinkedIn
  • victoria-bernard.png
    Victoria Bernard Sales Manager LinkedIn
  • Victoria.jpg
    Victoria Gasic Logistics Manager LinkedIn
  • Lionel.jpg
    Lionel Clerc Financial Officer LinkedIn
  • Nicolas.jpg
    Nicolas Ricklin IT Manager & Senior Developer LinkedIn
  • Corwin.jpg
    Corwin Hayslip Developer LinkedIn
  • Dave-Bergomi_Square
    Dave Bergomi Senior Developer LinkedIn
  • Théodore-Deslarzes_Square
    Théodore Deslarzes Marketing Intern LinkedIn
  • raphael-Righini-square
    Raphaël Righini Accounting Intern

Frequently Asked Questions

Only people who have been living in Switzerland for more than two years, with at least a B permit, and are aged between 20 and 70 years are eligible for a 0% loan.

You will only be asked for your identity document (B or C permit or Swiss identity document).

All new watches are delivered with their original box and certificate as well as the official international warranty. Pre-owned watches are checked by a professional and, in case the original warranty has expired, Watchdreamer offers you a 12-month Warranty.

Your request is processed instantaneously from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm, and outside these hours within 12 hours.

No, it is not considered a debt for our financial partner.

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