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dinh van was born out of the desire to break the unspoken codes of jewelry design, by creating pieces that can be worn for any occasion. As a nonconformist brand, dinh van is always swimming against the current, inspired by the small details of everyday life. Instead of the traditional circular shape of rings, dinh van launched square designs! Where clasps are usually hidden, dinh van transforms them into centerpieces, as seen in the Menottes and Serrure collections. Unremarkable daily objects are dinh van's inspirations, turning a simple keyring into the central motif of the iconic Menottes collection.

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Only people who have been living in Switzerland for more than two years, with at least a B permit, and are aged between 20 and 70 years are eligible for a 0% loan.

You will only be asked for your identity document (B or C permit or Swiss identity document).

All new watches are delivered with their original box and certificate as well as the official international warranty. Pre-owned watches are checked by a professional and, in case the original warranty has expired, Watchdreamer offers you a 12-month Warranty.

Your request is processed instantaneously from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm, and outside these hours within 12 hours.

No, it is not considered a debt for our financial partner.

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