The source of Watchdreamer

At the core of Watchdreamer is my passion for watchmaking. This fascination stems from my earliest childhood spent with my father, who taught me his taste for exceptional timepieces. Since then, this passion has grown, and a deep desire to combine my work with my passion led me to found Watchdreamer and provide a new customer experience.

The world of luxury, and more precisely, the world of luxury watches may seem like a dream for many people. It is the symbol of tradition, expertise, creativity, and craftsmanship, but above all, it is a symbol of passion. Still, it is clear that today’s society is changing rapidly. Consumer habits and priorities in terms of purchases, in addition to the very notion of time, have changed tremendously through the digital era.

The concept of luxury has changed radically over the years as well. Once reserved for the elite, luxury today has become an element of pleasure for everyone in various forms. It is precisely this trend that led me to come up with the Watchdreamer platform, with my goal being above all to allow my customers to have access to prestigious products while offering them the possibility of deciding how to finance their purchase.

Watchdreamer is not simply limited to offering a wide selection of watches, a well-developed network, custom advice, and news from the specialized press. By using our services, you will have access not only to our expertise and a very large range of watches, whether they are from flagship collections or a limited edition, but above all, you will have complete flexibility in terms of payment methods.

Watchdreamer’s main innovation in the landscape of luxury watches is to give you the choice of paying for your item directly at the moment of purchase, or if you prefer, finance your watch over the period of your choice.

Nicolas Hildenbrand

Our model relies on the quality of our partnerships, the richness of our products, and customers who are always the center of our interests. We are certain that confidence is essential, which is why we offer high-quality services in terms of payment, delivery, and warranties.

Generally speaking, luxury is a dream. It does not merely sell a product, but a moment of joy, and this is what I want to be able to offer you through the Watchdreamer platform.


Nicolas Hildenbrand, Founder

As a Swiss citizen and having the chance to have grown up in French-speaking  part of Switzerland, the true cradle of worldwide watchmaking, I had the privilege of spending time with key players of the industry. They strongly encouraged me to follow my aspirations, to realize my dreams, and turn my passion into my job.

After a career as a real estate broker and then in the commodity trading, I focused on starting a business in the import-export field. This adventure started more than eight years ago and allowed me to strengthen my managerial and commercial skills. Throughout my career, customer satisfaction has always been my main focus, and once again, I decided to make it my hobbyhorse in this new challenge.