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PME Magazine A revolution in the watchmaking industry

By offering installment payments over 12 to 48 months without interest, Watchdreamer presents an innovative approach to democratize access to luxury watches.


Nicolas Hildenbrand, the founder of the platform, explains how Watchdreamer is redefining the codes of the watchmaking industry and transforming the luxury watch purchasing experience for a new generation of consumers.

Nicolas Hildenbrand, what is Watchdreamer?

Watchdreamer is an online sales platform specializing in watch financing. We have introduced a unique solution, similar to car leasing, but with 0% interest. Today, it is difficult for many to pay several thousand francs at once for a luxury watch. By offering the possibility to spread the payment over an extended period, we make these watches more accessible to a diverse and modern population.

What distinguishes Watchdreamer from other companies in the sector?

The watchmaking industry is known for its rigid codes and focus on a limited elite. Watchdreamer stands out by breaking these conventions with a radically different offer. We target a previously neglected clientele, representing a much larger market. By allowing affordable monthly payments over a long period, we make luxury watches accessible to a new clientele. Our goal is to democratize the purchase of watches via our online platform, accessible at any time, which ensures personalized service and a rewarding shopping experience. We build trust with our customers, who might otherwise be intimidated by the environment or high expectations of traditional jewelry stores.

Our platform eliminates this barrier, allowing everyone to buy their watch with peace of mind from home. We guide them through their purchases and make them our top priority.

How would you describe your clientele?

Our clientele consists of opportunistic individuals in the most positive sense of the term. The main obstacle to acquiring a high-end watch is the means of payment. Watchdreamer offers everyone the possibility to buy a watch by spreading the payment over a long period at 0% interest. This attracts a younger, more digital clientele who are looking not only for a quality product but also for an enriching shopping experience. Our clients want to treat themselves while being well-advised and considered, which we strive to provide.

Who are your main partners?

Watchdreamer collaborates with about thirty brands, offering more than 1500 references, which has allowed us to become a major player in the watchmaking industry. We are official resellers of major brands and sell nearly 3000 watches per year, generating a turnover of around 20 million Swiss francs. By strictly respecting industry codes and list prices, we maintain strong relationships with brands. Hublot and Breitling, for example, have trusted us for four years. We are one of the main retailers in Switzerland for these brands, selling hundreds of their watches each year. Our leading position in Switzerland allows us to reach a clientele who might not have necessarily walked through the doors of their boutiques.

What are the future projects for Watchdreamer?

We aspire to reinvent the watchmaking industry by transforming physical retail to make it more attractive to our generation. It is essential to modernize the shopping experience to ensure the sector's sustainability with future generations. We want to continue to innovate and adapt to the needs and expectations of modern consumers while preserving the values and heritage of the watchmaking industry.



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