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Get ready for summer ! Best watches for those long-awaited holidays

Nobody needs a watch to tell the time anymore. So, if you buy one, it's to treat yourself. And what better time to treat yourself than when you're on holiday? This is the opportunity - or the pretext! - to buy the one you want, depending on what the summer has in store.

Plan 1: head for the beach!

It's a classic summer watch: the perfect piece to accompany you on the beach! But there are several possible uses. The first, and most obvious, is the diving watch. It is at the seaside that you can go down to a few meters, or to a few dozen meters for experienced divers. It is therefore necessary to equip yourself with a watch that is perfectly resistant to water pressure.

Omega Seamaster
Omega Seamaster

There are legends, not always very accessible but essential in a collection, like Rolex Submariner, Panerai Submersible , Omega Seamaster, Blancpain Fifty Fathoms . And what luck, you will find several on Watchdreamer. But you often have to refine your choice a little more: do you want a watch only for diving, or a watch that can accompany you underwater, but also all year round?

For the first choice, it will often be a larger, more technical, more imposing piece, like the Submersible. If you want a watch that is perfectly waterproof but can also be worn in the city or under a suit, it would be preferable to choose the iconic Submariner, or the discreet three-hand Fifty Fathoms.

Plan 2 : sport, sport, sport!

ZENITH Defy Extreme E Desert
Zenith Defy Extreme E Desert

If your holiday is not specifically designed to spend two weeks on a towel at the beach, but rather to get back into shape with a high dose of sport, you need a completely different watch! It should be a sporty, resistant, light, shock-resistant watch, and if possible, with a chronograph.

Hublot Big Bang Unico San Francisco Boutique
Hublot Big Bang Unico San Francisco Boutique

For example, you should rather choose a titanium or carbon watch, for its light weight but at the same time its very high resistance. One can think of the Zenith Defy, the Blast collection from Ulysse Nardin, or the Big Bang collection from Hublot. Raced-out chronos!

Plan 3: For travel

If you ever decide to go abroad, or even travel to several countries during the summer, you absolutely need a travel watch. There are two types. The first is called GMT. It simply has a second central hand that can tell you at a glance what time it is at home, but also what time it is in the country you are visiting. It's ideal for knowing when you can phone your loved ones without waking everyone up in the middle of the night!

Frederique Constant_Classic Worldtimer Manufacture
Frédérique Constant Classic Worldtimer Manufacture

The second type of watch is the WorldTimer. This is a slightly more elaborate complication that allows you to see immediately what time it is in each of the 24 traditional time zones that divide the globe. If you're planning to visit several countries, or if your friends are scattered around the world, you can immediately see what time it is in their country. Frédérique Constant is familiar with this, and it's also the most affordable WorldTimer on the market - why not?

Plan 4 : always connected!

TAG Heuer Connected 

Nowadays, you can't think about the watch without thinking about the connected watch at the same time. If you want to keep a watch touch while entering the connected world, you should definitely consider the TAG Heuer Connected The newest version was released a few weeks ago. It's a massive, technical piece. It will follow you all summer long but will struggle to be discreet the rest of the year - keep that in mind!

Frederique Constant_Smartwatch gents Vitality
Frédérique Constant Smartwatch Vitality

If you ever want to have a connected watch that looks like a classic mechanical watch, then you have to go back to Frédérique Constant who have developed a very smart watch: the Vitality . It offers a dial with two faces. The first one has Roman numerals and hand-polished hour and minute hands. A chic and contemporary classicism for lovers of refined-looking timepieces. But with a single press of the crown, this dial reveals a digital display that provides selected information such as heart rate, activity tracking, a second time zone or the last five messages from favourite applications, among others.  Simple, intuitive, immediate. As soon as the desired information is known, the digital screen goes back to sleep and becomes invisible to the naked eye. Very smart!