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News The art of combining watchmaking tradition and modern technology

Watchdreamer, the young Swiss company specializing in online watch sales, has paved its way from a start-up to a major heavyweight in the Swiss watch distribution industry.


Since its inception, the company has generated nearly 60 million Swiss francs in revenue, reflecting its ability to attract a customer base often overlooked by traditional retailers.

By offering an innovative and flexible shopping experience, Watchdreamer enables its customers to fulfill their horological aspirations by spreading their payments over a period ranging from 12 to 48 months, without any fees or interest. This is all facilitated through an online platform that is both user-friendly and intuitive.

Strategic partnerships and exponential growth

Strategic partnerships with renowned brands such as Breitling and Hublot have significantly contributed to Watchdreamer's rapid rise. With a diverse catalog of over 1,500 watches, the platform is experiencing exponential growth, currently selling more than 3,000 watches annually. Nicolas Hildenbrand highlights the appeal of 0% interest credit, responsiveness to demand, and the variety of the offerings as key factors that have attracted both brands and their clientele.

The Watchdreamer team, consisting of twelve people, including an in-house IT team dedicated to the continuous improvement of the online platform, is constantly working to integrate new features such as augmented reality. This allows customers to virtually try on their watch before purchasing it. The deployment of version 2.0 of the platform, scheduled for the coming weeks, promises an even more immersive and qualitative experience for its users.

An innovative response to market challenges

While many traditional retailers struggle to adapt to market changes and gradually lose brand distribution to manufacturers' mono-brand stores, Watchdreamer's remarkable rise illustrates a different reality. The Swiss company demonstrates its ability not only to exist but to thrive in a constantly changing business environment, shaped by the demands of the digital age and the global economic context.

By striking the right balance between the exclusivity of watch brands, industry expertise, and the opportunities offered by online commerce, Watchdreamer meets the changing expectations of consumers while preserving the integrity and tradition of Swiss watchmaking. By retaining more than 8,000 customers, the company has not only forged a strong relationship of trust with its clientele but has also affirmed its position as a market leader. This success has allowed it to attract a new, broader, younger, and more connected clientele, perfectly complementing the usual customers of traditional brands and retailers.

Thanks to its commitment to excellence, horological expertise, and innovative approach to online commerce, Watchdreamer has carved out a special place in the watch industry, proving that the future of this sector lies in a harmonious combination of tradition and modernity.

Buoyed by its success, the company aims to transpose the customer experience it has perfected over the past five years into physical retail.

Nicolas Hildenbrand notes that "the experience of a customer entering a store to buy a watch has not evolved in 50 years, so it's no surprise to see our customers, like many others, not frequent these sales points. It is crucial to adapt to current trends, an adaptation that we intend to achieve." Stay tuned.



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