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Frequently Asked Questions

Your order can be cancelled or exchanged within 14 days from its delivery date.

from the date of receipt of your order. Only watches that have not been worn, in perfect condition and in their original packaging can be returned or exchanged.

Only people residing in Germany and who are 18 years old minimum and 65 years old maximum, are eligible for a 0% loan application. In the case of a purchase with direct payment, anyone anywhere can freely buy on our website.

Your contractual partner is Watchdreamer SA. You will find all the important information in our in our general terms and conditions.

All our watches come with their original case and certificate as well as the brand’s international warranty.

These are the payment methods that we accept :
- 0% loan request for watches up to € 50’000,-
- Bank transfer
- Credit card

You will be asked for an identity verification. In certain cases, a copy of a recent salary slip could be required.

Each individual is entitled to a single contract for a total amount of € 50’000,- maximum. Once it is entirely paid, you will freely be able to order again on our platform.

Once your contract signed, your watch is ordered from the Manufacture. Our team informs you of the delivery time, and then confirms the shipment.

Once your application is received, our team will process it within the hour (business hours Monday to Friday). You will then receive a response within a day.

You will receive the reasons of this refusal by postal mail directly from our financial partner.

For a matter of confidentiality, we do not have access to your data qualifying your acceptance or refusal and therefore cannot inform you about the reasons for their possible refusal.

We work with DHL and/or FedEx and all our watches are shipped in packages against signature. As soon as your watch is ready to be shipped, you will receive an e-mail from us informing you of the delivery day at your home. You will then receive the tracking number and the additional information of your shipment via e-mail from DHL/FedEx. In the event that you are unable to retrieve your package on the scheduled date, you will be able to reschedule an alternate delivery time directly with DHL/FedEx.

Delivery times vary depending on the brand and the model. Usually, it takes an average of 5 days to be delivered (subject to availability).

You will receive your order once your contracts are signed and returned as well as your identity verified. The watch will belong to you as soon as you receive it.

In the event that you are unable to retrieve your package on the scheduled date, you will be able to reschedule an alternate delivery time directly with the transporter.

You can balance the remaining amount to the contract due at any time and at no additional cost. You can also pay more during a monthly payment and the remaining balance will automatically be adapted.

For further information: info-de@watchdreamer.com

For all questions related to your order: order-de@watchdreamer.com

For after-sales service: support-de@watchdreamer.com